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Block TitleCreatorDescriptionLinkXY Date
Aeslech2337s House aeslech2337 A nondescript city block, in a middle-class neighborhood....sure.   9 2 05.03.2006
Funtown babe4u THE FUNNEST PARK IN ALL OF WEDERTY!!!!   1 4 04.15.2006
Pyramid Block babe4u This is a beautiful and FUN pyramid to climb on. It is the ACTUAL tallest staircase in Wederty!!!   0 -1 04.15.2006
Jail babe4u Send the peoples here that are not good. I don't even kno how u WOULDNT escape :P   3 5 04.17.2006
House Under Mountain bigcity a home where you can see livve things under the ground   2 4 04.14.2006
Wederty Swimming Pool bigears the best and biggest swimming pool in wederty   3 2 04.10.2006
Wederty Monument bigears the city monument of wederty 3 -1 04.10.2006
Stairways To Heaven bigears th 2 SECOND tallest stairways in Wederty stair. The pyramid block is now the tallest 0 3 04.15.2006
Green Tower Gardens bigears gardens on the base of a giant green tower   -1 2 04.12.2006
City Graveyard bigears the wederty city graveyard   -1 4 04.15.2006
Garden House cheese111 It's a garden for people to see 6 1 04.14.2006
Garden House cheese111 It's a garden for people to see 1 6 04.14.2006
Wederty Temple Of The Future danielle12 A Huge radient temple decorated in gold glss and many more reamarkable features.   1 5 04.17.2006
Blue And White Dance Tonight danielle12 XxLets dance lets rock and roll lets dance and loose controlxXa cool disco where you dance all nite long   4 4 04.20.2006
Xxgemstone Hotelxx danielle12 A high class hotel with a large decorated pond   6 3 04.23.2006
Xxcity Officesxx danielle12 a remarkabel office where mrjammer does his paperwork and the mods PARTY!   5 4 04.23.2006
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